Start ACTION-1 study in Germany

On the 7th of December we received a very warm welcome by Professor Sebastian Debus and his team at the UKE Hamburg University Vascular Center. We are proud that one of the largest aortic centers of Europe is joining the ACTION-1 study from DLZ and Amsterdam UMC. It was impressive to receive a tour around all facilities, amazing high standards. We are looking forward to include the first patients. Thanks to Meral Ayhan and ‘Prüfarzt’ Karolina Malik as well.

100th patient included

On Monday the 13th of september we were able to include the 100th patient in our own Dijklander hospital. We celebrated the inclusion with a cake with ACTION-1 logo and champagne afterwards, together with the operation team and our other colleagues. We would like to thank all surgeons, anesthesiologists, PA’s and research nurses of all participating centers for their vital contribution to reaching this first milestone. On to the 750th!